#RelationshipsMatter - Creating your POWER Team


By Nicole D. Grimes, M.Ed. 

Founder/CEO Majestic Group

A key to being a star player is to be a member on a winning team. As the leader of your own business or the manager on your team, being surrounded by the right individuals can be critical to your success...or your failure. So what is key to the process of creating your team? What’s the right formula? There is no “one size fits all.” However, there are a few strategies that can be exercised to create the best team to win the championship. Before developing your team, consider your goals, action necessary, and desired result. You must know your end goal before bringing anyone else on board. Once you are clear on the aimline, you are ready to seek out key individuals to shape your vision.


Utilize the 5 Point Checklist When Creating Your POWER Team:


  1. Know your personal strengths? Before you can add key players to your team you need to be able to identify your own strengths. Keep it real with yourself, and really identify areas where you are strong. Also, ask 3-4 close friends or colleagues to also provide you with instances where they have observed you working in your areas of strength.


2.   Figure out the Gaps. After you have identified your strengths, think about your weaknesses. I like to think about this as putting together puzzle pieces. What type of skillsets are needed to create the best team possible to complete the task ahead? For example, if you are a person who is a visionary with the skill of articulating where you are going, you may need a person who is skilled in listening and creating the roadmap. If you are not organized, you may need someone who is uber efficient. Fill in the gaps with people who can make the parts a whole.


3.  Accept Differences. In order to have a power team, you have to be vulnerable and open enough to accept differences. As the leader, you will have to teach others to appreciate the same. Varying perspectives provide for a full collective view on topics due to each person’s background,  experiences, and expertise. Too many “like-minded” people can be a recipe for disaster. By accepting different points of view, you allow your team to work in its highest levels to achieve greatness.

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4. Create an Atmosphere of Trust. With varying personalities and skill sets on board, as the leader, it is critical that you develop an atmosphere of trust. To share openly or professionally push back ideas, people need to feel comfortable about the space they collaborate in. Clearly articulate your expectations for collective work as a team and model the behaviors through your actions as the leader. Make it “ok” for someone to professionally question or disagree with an idea in order to develop the best possible end result.


5, Be Intentional with Relationship Building. Develop tight processes for your team to engage with you, as the leader, individually, and as a full team to build a foundation for the work ahead. Trust is built through the establishment of relationships. The two work hand-in-hand. Consider intentionally creating space for individuals to get to know each other through using protocols such as, Compass Points, so that there will be understanding around individual workflow. With understanding, people can dedicate their efforts towards the work instead of focusing on guarding feelings in the workplace.


Nicole Grimes, M.Ed. is an advocate for empowerment, education, and advocacy, with a passion for leading others to their purpose-driven lifestyle. A native of Louisiana, Nicole is currently employed as a Special Education Supervisor, and is a doctoral candidate in Educational Leadership. As the CEO & Founder of Majestic Group, L.L.C., Nicole as a Corporate/Career Strategist and Image Consultant to create action-learning based opportunities to build capacity in the corporate woman through goal-based strategic planning, strengths-based coaching, image consulting, and leadership development.  She also is actively involved in numerous organizations across the state of Louisiana, and throughout the country.
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