Become What You Believe: 3 Steps to Create Your Professional Vision

By Nicole Grimes, M. Ed.

Vision is defined as the act or power of sensing with eyes; sight ( Through visualization, we see so much, our past, the present, and the future. So often, we mistakenly place our vision in the category of dreams, and forget that we have the power to manifest our vision through our focused actions. In order to move ourselves from vision to reality, it’s critical that you are able to do the following:


·      Know What You Want

·      Create a Plan for What You Want

·      Take Action to Get What You Want


Let’s take a closer look…


1.     Know What You Want – Listen, if YOU do know what you want, we have a problem, Houston. Take out a notepad or your laptop, and start writing…write until you can’t write anymore. What is your perfect utopian vision of what you want for your professional life?  I don’t care if it seems unimaginable. Write it down. An idea to help you organize your thoughts is to place them in categories. You may choose to this by creating the categories in advance or after you write. Consider the following: 6 months to a year, 2-3 years, 5 years and so on. This entire exercise may seem dumb or uncomfortable, but I promise it will help you get on track. The key to creating your vision, is to be able to see it…literally.


2.     Create the Plan for What You Want – It may be hard to really break down your action steps for the next five years, but you can definitely map our action steps for the next 6 months. Start there…pretty soon, those 6 months will have come and gone. Answer the following key questions:

·      What are 3-5 professional goals I want to reach in the next 6 months? These goals should be SMART:

·      Identify the HOW – How will you achieve these goals? Remember, this may change somewhat, but your goals and your intended results… probably not.

·      Identify real dates, and put them on the calendar. Hold yourself accountable.


3.     Take Action to Get What You Want – Time to roll up your sleeves to get that plan into motion. Start with those action items you identified in step 2. We are aiming for small wins which will equal big wins over time.  For example, if one of your action items is to reach a six-month goal of making 3 new key connections in the workplace, it’s time to get dressed and get to networking. These dreams will not become reality overnight. Put yourself out there, and make it happen for yourself. No action equals no action.


Start with these three steps to manifest your vision. Your job is to make the invisible visible by taking action for your own life. By knowing what you want, creating a plan to get what you want, and taking action, you begin to create a more intentional path to living the life of your dreams. Be aggressive, be clear, focus yourself, and make it happen. Become what you believe.


Nicole Grimes